How can I play on 2.55 and 2.60.

Hi here is some info how you can install the 2.55- and 2.60 patch so you can play on both servers.

1 Rename your shortcut on your desktop to 2.55.

2 Install a new version of 2.55 on your computer. I installed it in c:/program files/return to castle wolfenstein 2.60. So just put 2.60 behind the default install patch. If you donít have it you can download it here. (The original 2.55 version)

Tip after installing rename the shortcut on your desktop to 2.60.

3 Copy your etkey and profiles folder form your 2.55 directory (etmain folder) into your 2.60 etmain folder.

4 Download the 2.60 patch and installed into your 2.60 directory. Which will fix some bugs in the game. MAC users need not install any patch as the game comes in version 2.60 already.

5 Download the 2.60b patch and unzip it.
After running/extracting the zip file...
- look under the "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" folder
- under there is a folder called "Enemy Territory 2.60b"
- under there is a folder called "win32" with two files; et.exe and etded.exe
- replace the two existing files (with the same name) in the "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" folder with the two new files from the "win32" folder.
(Note: you must install 2.60 before installing 2.60b)

Ready go and have fun.