Ventrilo is the next evolutionary step of Voice over IP (VoIP) group communications software. Ventrilo is also the industry standard by which all others measure themselves as they attempt to imitate its features.

Here is the latest version of Q3E Minimizer. This will let you quickly minimize and maximize any game running from the Quake 3 engine base.

453 kb.

With the sl.Gamelauncher  V 0.8.0 you can start your 3D-Shooter via Browser.

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The All-Seeing Eye
Get the World's #1 Game Server Browser
  • Supports all the popular games
  • Fast and easy access to game servers
  • Keep track of your friends and make new ones
  • Find the best game servers with powerful search tools

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The -=AN=- clan has a strong policy against cheating so you need the latest updated from Punkbusters

8.27 kb.

The -=AN=- clan has a strong policy against cheating so use this program to test your Punkbusters setup.


Workaround for the punkbuster-freezes and slow-downs in the game.
Delete the complete pb-folder, create a new pb-folder, copy pbsetup.exe in the pb-folder and start update.

PB_Security [0=no, 1=yes]
When set to 0, PunkBuster will accept all "update" files without verifying that they are authentic; the default is 1 which should not normally be changed except for LAN environments where there is no Internet Access and/or you fully trust the Servers you are connecting to  PB_Sleep [Period]
Holds the period of time (milliseconds) that PunkBuster "sleeps" between processing cycles; the default is 60; lower numbers will cause PunkBuster to process events more times each second which also has the effect of increasing the bandwidth used by PunkBuster; Players with a modem connection will probably want to set this as high as possible

141 kb.

Having two different copies of Enemy Territory on your computer starting to get on your nerves? Or maby you don't have the room for two copies of ET, and you are either sacrificing ETPro to play with patch 2.60b, which is on most servers, or you hav'nt installed the patch; Well, if this is the case, then the answer is as near as a download!

patch selector will solve these problems, and provide a simple and effective way to go from patch 2.60 to 2.60 and vice versa. It is important to note that you must have patch 2.60 already installed!

An example of how this selector works would be:
To apply the 2.60 or 2.60b patches simply you would simply run the shortcut for the appropriate patch;
Go to start > all programs > 260 - 260b patch selector> (then choose one of the following...)
2.60 patch for Enemy Territory 2.60 (use this for most servers)
2.60b patch for Enemy Territory 2.60b (use this for playing ETPro)

2.330 kb

ET-Tool: Clean-ET v1.25

Since ages there is a bug in enemy territory, causing it to create many different errors when there are to many pk3's in your etmain-directory.
The only 'quick and dirty' method to fix it, is to reinstall et and download all maps again.

You can select from standard-servers or add your own, your selection/servers will be saved in a configfile. Files which partially match the name will also be moved, because there are more and more pk3s with the same name but different content.

t's also possible to select some pk3 which you want to keep even if they are not used by a server, this is for soundpacks/skins.
This selection will also be saved in a configfile.

Finally when you click 'Clean ET' it will move the unnecessary files to 'storage', needed to etmain and even download pk3 who are missing or create a downloadlist for leechget and so on.

Neat side-effect when you got fewer pk3's in etmain: et will start quicker and use less memory.



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