When you are playing open your console “~” and type in “!help”. Here you can see what your commands are use “!help “command” to find out what they mean.

LEVEL 0: Guest

LEVEL 1: Honore


LEVEL 3: Friend in arms (friendly player to -=AN=-)

LEVEL 4: Private prospect -=ANP=- (Clan Recruit)

LEVEL 5: Private recruit -=ANR=- (Clan Recruit)

LEVEL 6: Private vote -=ANV=- (Clan Recruit)

LEVEL 7: Sergeant

LEVEL 8: Staff sergeant

LEVEL 9: Sergeant first class

LEVEL 10: Master sergeant

LEVEL 11: Sergeant major

LEVEL 12: 2nd Lieutenant

LEVEL 13: 1st Lieutenant

LEVEL 14: Captain

LEVEL 15: Major

LEVEL 16: Lieutenant corporal

LEVEL 17: Brigadier general

LEVEL 18: Major general      

LEVEL 19: Vice chief of staff

LEVEL 20: Chief of staff


LEVEL 22: Vice Admiral

LEVEL 23: Admiral

LEVEL 24: Fleet admiral

LEVEL 25: Commander of chief cabin

LEVEL 26: Chaplain

LEVEL 27: Commander -=Owner=-