Mods used by the -=AN=-Clan.

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No Quarter 1.2.3
  • Originally based on ETPub, but with lots of changes, no player/kill ratings or ATB, overall less stat based.
  • New weapons, including a Shotgun, BAR, StG44, Bazooka, and MP34.
  • New skills up to level 9, including Pistol Executions and Battlefield Resuscitation (CPR)
  • More shrubbot commands, including !pants, !glow, searchable !showbans, and !freeze
  • New ranks, totalling 19, unlike the original 11. Rank ensignia now differs per team.
  • Aura skills, much like RPGs, with region of effect.
  • Insanity fun modes, including instant spawn, guided or homing rockets, panzer and mortar camera, venom gun and attackers HP left notification.
  • New player face skins
  • Fun new end game awards
  • Visible player leaning
  • Droppable weapons and droppable clips, for ammo sharing
  • Underwater oxygen bar
  • ETPro style head hitboxes
  • Realism options, including realistic proning and no shooting while on ladders
  • Customizable landmine and airstrike smoke color, per team
  • Customizable weapon scripts
  • Kicking - kick players, nades and airstrike cans with your foot
  • Poison needles
  • Throwing knives
  • Omni-bot support
  • ETPro antilag
  • GeoIP support


22.000 kb

Jaymod 2.1.8

Jaymod 2.1.8 has been released. This is from the experimental branch and is considered beta quality. Highlights include:

  • added Haste's fixed physics code
  • added Molotov Cocktail weapon
  • added chicken fun !command
  • offline user maintenance now possible using !commands
  • now possible to ban offline users
  • new ACL system for fine-grained security of !commands
  • multi-page output now supported for heavy !commands
  • added many DB-related !commands
  • added simplistic notes for user records
  • added optional reason for player muting
  • added no-adrenaline option to g_weapons
  • added support for ETPro's delete mapscript command

7.499 kb

Jaymod Enhanced Mod V1.09d Standard (20101213)

Enhanced Mod is a server side mod expansion pack for server administrators to tweak unsettable game behaviour stuff given by the original mod.

  • added in version 1.0.9d:
  • VoteMap mode added (g_em_votemap 1).
  • find the Xmas grinch. (a hidden fun command).
  • fixed a jaymod(2.1.7/20080125-2.1.8) non-ascii character in userinfo vulnerability issue.
  • cmd shortcuts.
  • few fixes.


6.500 kb

Enhanced HUD v1.02 Beta (20100720)
  • Enhanced HUD adds to the game screen a "Kills/Spree/Deaths" statistics field.
  • You can look instantly at your actual stats without sum up those values from your +stats window.
  • Countryflags in scoreboard.
  • Check your mates stats during following/spectate them.
  • /minimize console command added. minimizes your client into tray menu.
    a click on tray on the enemy territory icon puts the client back.


7.600 kb

TJMod is a trickjumping modification for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It's based on the original etmain source, modified with hundreds of bugfixes, improvements, and new aspects and tools all focused on providing an optimal trickjumping experience.


2.285 kb

ETPub Client 20100628 is another major new client version.
Here is an overview of the new features:
  • Shoutcasting (controlled server side)
  • Custom Voicechats
  • GeoIP country flags (controlled server side)
  • dropweapon command
  • Enemy spawntimer
  • Location Names
  • Reworked client side team_max* restrictions
  • Additional font characters
  • Reactivated Gib Models
  • Ready Icons
  • Auto select fireteam members (cg_autoSelectFTMembers)
  • etpub_version console command
  • Many bugfixes

3.132 kb.

ET Pro is a mod specifically targeted at competition play, with features specifically designed for administration of competition servers.
ET Pro has been chosen as the official tournament mod for STA, TWL, CAL, Clanbase, and ESL.

2.535 kb

is a client-sided Enemy Territory mod for Windows and Linux.
It works with a lot of mods like etpub, shrub and also the standard etmain.
WhaleClient has been designed to fix a lot of ET bugs, as well as add new features:
It has clientsided hitsounds, killingsprees with sound (no need for etadmin_mod), multikills (also with sound), shrublike text shortcuts, built-in etpub_client and more..
Download it and unzip it into your etmain folder.

Let whaleclient tell you when you made a HEADSHOT!!!

3.170 kb

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