...Getting Kicked and don't know why???...

Connection Problems: Disconnects and Lag

* Server disconnected for unknown reason - Solution 1
* Server disconnected for unknown reason - Solution 2
* Server disconnected for unknown reason - Solution 3
* Server disconnected for unknown reason - Last Measure.
* Issues with Firewalls and Routers (Ports).

PunkBuster Problems

* What is PunkBuster?
* Inadequate Operating System (O/S) Privileges.
* My computer locks up or "chugs" sometimes while I'm playing with PunkBuster Enabled, what can cause this?
* Lockup with Nvidia 50-series driver.
* "Warning Cvar whatever (=1) must be EQUAL TO 0" and simila.
* PB GUID auth is down, noone can connect!

OpenGL errors!

* I get OpenGL errors!

General Errors.

* When I go to load the server list by clicking ?Play Online?, the game crashes! Why is this happening?
* Sometimes no servers show at all! Has my game crashed?
* When I open the game, it claims I have a Pentium 3. This isn't true!
* My ET has changed language.
* I Get stuck at the CREATE PROFILE screen.
* ET is stuck in the default resolutions (800x600).
* Valid CD Key is not reaching GUIDAUTH Server.
* I keep getting an error during installation, or my download stops.

Connection Problems: Disconnects and Lag.

* Server disconnected for unknown reason - Solution 1
Possible Fix: You need to update Punkbuster. Please go here

* Server disconnected for unknown reason - Solution 2
Possible Fix: You don't have the map that the server is running.
Try typing: /cl_allowdownloads 1
into the console. Then reconnect to the server.
You should start downloading the map.
*Hint* Downloading in maps and mods in ET can sometimes be pretty slow. You may wish to download them from the websites suggested in the Mods and Maps FAQ, and install them manually.  This might fix the problem.

* Server disconnected for unknown reason - Solution 3
Possible Fix: You don't have the correct admin rights that Punkbuster requires to play on Punkbuster-enabled servers. If it is this problem, try connecting to a non Punkbuster server (Punkbuster disabled), and see if you are okay.

* Server disconnected for unknown reason - Last Measure
Certain Fix: This is a last resort solution. Please use it only once you have tried absolutely everything this FAQ recommends. You will have to lose all data to do with ET. Again please only use this as a last resort.
You need to uninstall ET, and after this delete your Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory folder IN THIS ORDER.
Then re-install. The reason why you have to lose everything is because one of your game files
is corrupted. This could be any file whatsoever. If you backup files, and then replace them in your new installation, you might actually be putting back in the corrupted file.

If you don't want to be so drastic (but guaranteed to solve the problem), you can try removing each file one by one. Do not remove pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3 or mp_bin.
These are essential game files, and ET will not run at all without them.
However, some players have extremely large ET directories, and going through them file by file is not conceivable.

* Issues with Firewalls and Routers (Ports)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein relies on Internet communication via the IP protocol and UDP ports 27950, 27960, 27965 and 27952. These are the ports that the game uses for connection, message of the day, server browsing, and so forth. [Punkbuster also uses those ports.]

If you are using any type of firewall, either software or hardware based, you must ensure that traffic can pass on these ports. With a simple gateway using Network Address Translation (NAT), there is no limit on outgoing traffic and the game will probably work for client machines, but not servers, without any need to customize the gateway. For more sophisticated firewalls (such as Zone Alarm or Black Ice) you may need to configure the system to allow incoming and outgoing traffic on the ports listed above. The exact steps for
doing this are specific to the firewall your are using. For more information you will need to consult with the firewall documentation or manufacturer.

We also do not advise setting up a Return to Castle Wolfenstein server for internet use on a machine that is not directly connected to the Internet. The problem is that any gateway router that translates an internal sub-net to a real IP - including NAT with ipForwarding or DMZ - requires that the internal server use an internal IP address, and these machines see clients on your LAN as different addresses from the internet and thus you cannot authorize these clients.

Also note these commands (thanks devZero):

  • net_port - sets the network port to use, default 27960  
  • net_qport - network port to be used internally by the network system  
  • net_ip - tells the game what the internet IP is of your machine (when using some routers, RTCW may believe the IP is the address of your machine on the local network). These commands would need to be set on the command line, for example edit your RTCW shortcut 'Target' box to "c:Program FilesReturn to Castle WolfensteinWolfMP.exe" +set net_port 27960

    PunkBuster Problems

    * What is PunkBuster?
    This is how the makers of PunkBuster describe their product:

    Even Balance, Inc. spearheads the effort to fight cheating in the online multiplayer gaming industry. Our flagship product, PunkBuster?, spawned the Anti-Cheat movement in online gaming several years ago and was the first system proven effective against cheating in online games.

    Our PunkBuster? Anti-Cheat software technology and services combat online cheating in some of the most popular games being played over the Internet today. We also serve the online gaming communities that surround the games we support by keeping in direct contact with players, server administrators and league officials always watching for new developments in the "online game cheating world". We understand and appreciate the tremendous number of resources that game developers allocate toward game balance during game design and implementation. We take on the often burdensome task of protecting that balance out in the real online world where dishonest players (we call them punks) hack and wrongfully exploit the published game for their own benefit at the expense of the honest player who expects and deserves fun, fair competition. Too many online games and related communities have been destroyed by cheating activity over the past few years. Now, honest players have someone on their side ... PunkBuster?!

    The use of PunkBuster? Anti-Cheat software is optional and has always been provided without direct cost to our users. We believe that the cost to provide Anti-Cheat protection should be built into the cost of online games. Therefore, we contract directly with game developers and/or publishers who wish to have our software and services associated with their online gaming products. If your favorite game does not yet have integrated PunkBuster? Anti-Cheat technology available, let the game's developer and/or publisher know how important this issue is to you. If you are a game developer or publisher and would like information about integrating PunkBuster? into your online games, please contact us via email at

    * Inadequate Operating System (O/S) Privileges.
    There are two fixes for this. Please select the one right for you:
    If you are under Admin and you still get this error

    Try this file, it will check for adware that stops you from being able to play on PB servers and fixes the problem even if you don't.


    Click the "Find VX2.betterinternet info" button to make sure that you don't HAVE this adware. If there are no files listed, go on to the last step.
    If you find the virus, (it is usually 3 random named dll files)
    Select all the files found.
    Press 'Delete These Files'.
    The program will delete all files but one that will be deleted on reboot.
    Allow program to reboot.

    Once Restarted:
    Press 'Guardian.reg'.
    Press 'User Agent'.
    Press 'Restore Policy'.

    Clicking on "find vx2.BetterInternet info" again should show all fields blank.
    If you have no adware files, just click on the "Restore Policy" Button

    The other fix is: Type these commands in the console:
    *From the Main Menu, press the Tilde " ~ " key to open the console.
    *At the prompt type:

    /pb_cl_enable (press the Enter key)
    /pb_sv_enable (press the Enter key)
    /pb_sv_update (press the Enter key)

    *PunkBuster will now begin to update. When it is complete you will see yellow text providing the new version numbers.
    # Close the console.

    * My computer locks up or "chugs" sometimes while I'm playing with PunkBuster Enabled, what can cause this?

    PunkBuster "pushes" hardware and the Windows Operating System more than most software and uses functions in the Windows API (low level functions) that aren't used by most other programs. As such, there are a few cases where using PB can actually expose flaky hardware or other situations that don't cause problems for other software. Here are a few things that have helped other users
    make these problems get better or go away completely:

    If you are running Windows NT4/2000/XP, try lowering the priority of the game process. You can do this either by opening the Task-Manager while the game is running, or launch the game by using the command "start /belownormal c:gamesetet.exe" from a command prompt or in the target field of your desktop shortcut used to launch the game. Lowering the game process priority does not reduce game performance (or just very little depending on the number of programs you are running next to the game).

    Make sure you are using the latest version of PunkBuster (the latest version is always on our Download page) - also this link may help manually update your PB to the latest version when necessary.

    From the game's main screen, press the tilde key (the ~ key) to bring down the console and enter the following line (without the quotes): "/pb_system
    Never close other programs from your Windows Task Manager before playing the game, either leave them running or close them through the proper interface - killing a process doesn't always work completely even if it stops showing in the Task Manager and renegade threads seem to conflict with PB more than other programs that may be running in memory. There is a free utility that some
    players use called EndItAll to close all extra programs before they play to avoid software conflicts, crashes and lockups. You can get it from here.

    Check the add/remove programs list in your Control Panel and uninstall any programs that you don't use or that you don't know what they are.

    One program that seems to conflict with PB more than others is Norton Anti-Virus. If you have it installed, try uninstalling it to see if the lockups go away. Some players have reported that when this is the culprit, they can reinstall Norton Anti-Virus and the lockups don't come back.

    Other background programs that seem to conflict with PB for some users are Sound Blaster Live software and helper programs that come with video cards (especially ATI keyboard shortcut programs).

    Some players discovered that they had a computer virus and that the lockups vanished after it was fully removed.

    Experiment with the pb_sleep setting ... try setting it to 20, 250, or 500 to see if that affects your game performance. A few players have reported that all the problems go away when they "tweak" this setting.

    In extreme cases, a few users have reported that replacing their RAM (memory) or video/sound cards fixed the problem.

    How do I update PunkBuster?
    If for whatever reason you have a problem and need to update PunkBuster, it is very simple to do. Open the PunkBuster folder, this can be found at:
    C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/pb

    You should see an .exe excutable file called pbweb.exe. Open it. PunkBuster will now begin to update. It will tell you to press any key to quit when it is finished. DO NOT close the program in the middle of updating, even if you think it has crashed. It is updating PunkBuster by downloading files, and it's speed depends on your connection and processor speed.

    IMPORTANT: During the updating, if you see errors, there is nothing wrong.
    The program is simply telling you that those files are up-to-date- and do not
    need updating. Only close the program after it prompts you to!

    * Lockup with Nvidia 50-series driver.
    The earlier 5x.xx-series drivers for Nvidia video cards are known to give a lot of people major problems with Punkbuster. If you find Wolf is crashing in roughly 10 seconds of joining a PB-enabled server
    (and it doesn't happen on non-PB servers) then it is suggested to update your video card drivers to version 56.64 or later, or use a
    pre-50 series driver (only recommended for Geforce 4 or older).

    Quick Driver Update Instructions:
    # Download the latest Nvidia driver, which can be found here. Save somewhere easy like your desktop. it's probably in a compressed file so if the file type is anything other than .exe, make sure you can open it.
    # Uninstall your current driver, literally through Add/Remove Programs. Click OK on the dialogue box to restart your computer afterwards.
    # Once your PC reloads windows, the desktop etc will be the default settings, this is normal.
    # XP will detect new hardware and probably give you the prompts to find and install driver etc. click cancel/no for them if possible.
    # Run the driver file you downloaded, follow the prompts to install and click to restart once done.
    # The problem is now sorted

    * "Warning Cvar whatever (=1) must be EQUAL TO 0" and simila
    These warnings are informing you that you have a setting that the server administrator has made Punkbuster not allow to be used on the server. There are hundreds of settings that the admin may choose to disallow, wether for good, bad or silly reasons - restrictions I reccomend (and do not recommended) can be found with detail on the Cvar Restrictions page. Everything you click on in the in-game menu's alters the value of these "cvars" (command variables, or more friendily, settings).

    If you have not manually changed any settings - i.e. have not changed settings by fiddling with those cvars directly - then it's unlikely that reasonable cvar restrictions would be a problem for you. However, not everybody is reasonable.

    The simple fix if you wish to continue playing on the server is to examine the warning message and set the given cvar to the requested value. In the example in the title, to fix that I would have to open the console (press the key under ESCape) and then type in: /set whatever 0

    However, remember that this would be changing a game setting and possibly to a value that you might not want. You may also get a follow-up message about the setting only taking effect after a restart, in which case you need to then also run the following command, which would reload/restart much of the ET code and apply the setting: /vid_restart

    * PB GUID auth is down, noone can connect!
    If the PunkBuster master server goes down and people are having trouble connecting to a server you have RCon access to you can disable the GUID Auth procedure with the following command: pb_sv_guidauth 0

    If you cant connect to the server yourself and have no way to use RCon outside the game you can do this from the main menu with the following command:

    /rconPassword xxxxxx
    /rconAddress xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx
    /rcon pb_sv_guidAuth "0"

    Substitute xxx for your own password and server address and port.

    Subsequently players will be able to connect to your server again, if you later wish to re-enable the guid check procedure when the master server is back up you can perform the same process but set pb_sv_guidAuth

    Want more information about PunkBuster?  go here


    I get OpenGL errors!

    I'm posting this in a whole section of it's own, as it is the number 1 most commonly asked question in ET.

    Your computer doesn’t have OpenGL compatible drivers (for your graphics card) installed. This commonly occurs when windows standard drivers are used. n.b. opengl is not related to directX

    To fix this go to your graphics card manufacturer’s website and download drivers (or install them off the install disk that comes with
    the hardware).
    Main Sources:
  • ATI Drivers
  • NVIDIA Drivers

    There are also sites that compile lots of drivers. Here are a few to help you find the driver you need:
  • www.driverguide.com
  • drivers.softpedia.com
  • www.opendrivers.com
  • www.geeks.com/drivers.asp

    This error can also occur if you have a wrong video mode for your
    system (monitor). i.e. a resolution of 1600x1400 may not work depending on your monitor and/or graphics card.

    If you have an openGL error, you will normally see this text:

    Bypassing CD checks
    ----- Client Initialization -----
    ----- Initializing Renderer ----
    ----- Client Initialization Complete -----
    ----- R_Init -----
    Initializing OpenGL subsystem
    ...initializing QGL
    ...calling LoadLibrary( 'C:WINDOWSSYSTEMopengl32.dll' ): succeeded
    ...setting mode 4: 800 600 FS
    ...using desktop display depth of 16
    ...calling CDS: ok
    ...registered window class
    ...created window@0,0 (800x600)
    Initializing OpenGL driver
    ...getting DC: succeeded
    ...GLW_ChoosePFD( 16, 16, 0 )
    ...23 PFDs found
    ...GLW_ChoosePFD failed
    ...GLW_ChoosePFD( 16, 16, 0 )
    ...23 PFDs found
    ...GLW_ChoosePFD failed
    ...failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT
    ...restoring display settings
    ...WARNING: could not set the given mode (4)
    ...setting mode 4: 800 600 FS
    ...using colorsbits of 16
    ...calling CDS: ok
    ...created window@0,0 (800x600)
    Initializing OpenGL driver
    ...getting DC: succeeded
    ...GLW_ChoosePFD( 16, 16, 0 )
    ...23 PFDs found
    ...GLW_ChoosePFD failed
    ...GLW_ChoosePFD( 16, 16, 0 )
    ...23 PFDs found
    ...GLW_ChoosePFD failed
    ...failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT
    ...restoring display settings
    ...WARNING: could not set the given mode (3)
    ...shutting down QGL
    ...unloading OpenGL DLL
    ...assuming '3dfxvgl' is a standalone driver
    ...initializing QGL
    ...WARNING: missing Glide installation, assuming no 3Dfx available
    ...shutting down QGL
    ----- CL_Shutdown -----
    RE_Shutdown( 1 )
    GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem

    General Errors.

    * When I go to load the server list by clicking ?Play Online?, the game crashes! Why is this happening?
    When you click Play Online, you send a message to the big central computer the makers of Enemy Territory set up that tells you what servers you can join. This is known as the master server.
    If the master server has more than 1024 servers listed on it, it will cause your ET to crash. The best way around this is to use the All Seeing Eye, or some other third party program that shows server lists.
    Sometimes the master server won't show any servers at all. If you have never seen any servers when clicking 'Play Online'm make sure you have set your source to 'Internet'. If this isthe first time it has happened, the master server is down. Just use the All Seeing Eye.

    * Sometimes no servers show at all! Has my game crashed?
    No, don?t worry, there is nothing wrong with your game has not crashed.
    When no servers show after clicking Play Online and then waiting, there is a
    problem with the master server that I described above. Often it means the master server has crashed. This is not a major problem. As
    said above, if you use another program that shows servers for Enemy Territory, such as the AllSeeing Eye which does not need the master server, you will be fine.

    There are other programs like All Seeing Eye, but many people agree All Seeing Eye is the best of the lot.

    * When I open the game, it claims I have a Pentium 3. This isn't true!
    Correct, Et does tell you that you have a P3 even though you might have a P4.
    This is because when in development, P4's weren't really around too much. ET counts P3 as either you having the best Pentium out there, or you having a P3.
    If ET was being developed during the time of P2s, then it would count anything above as a P2.

    Don't worry, its just ET showing it's age.

    * My ET has changed language.
    This has to be about one of the most commonly asked questions.

    What has happened is one of the servers you recently played on made you download a file that told Enemy Territory to load up in a foreign language. In order to get back to your language do the following:

    Go to the desktop, and click on go to the place in which you installed Enemy Territory to. In my case, as I am a Windows user, this would be: C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

    For Linux users, find the equivalent folder.
    Once you have got this window open, click on the folder that is named

    You will have to look through the whole folder for a file that is named something related to the foreign language your game is now running in. Delete this, and your problem should be gone.

    Be careful! Make certain you are sure you are deleting the right file? deleting
    the wrong file can either be harmless, or cause a bit of annoyance.

    * I Get stuck at the CREATE PROFILE screen.
    If your game is getting stuck at the 'Create Profile' screen, follow the steps below:

    * Go to Start > Run and type dxdiag.exe.
    * Press enter.

    The screen that comes up should show you your version of DirectX. 

    * If it's lower than 9.0c then go to mircrosoft.com and get the new updates.

    This is because DirectX improves the computer's access to keyboard and mouse.

    * ET is stuck in the default resolutions (800x600).
    When you add a mod to you installation, it creates new directories on the clients side, in which are made new profiles.

    When Enemy Territory closes it deletes the old profile, and updates with a new one.

    When the game is reloaded it finds a different profile than the one it updated and it doesn't like that. so it resets the resolution back to 800x600.

    To fix this problem, you can make a batch file.
    Open Notepad and type this in

    del etmainprofilesyournameprofile.pid
    del shrubetprofilesyournameprofile.pid
    del etproprofilesyournameprofile.pid

    et.exe %*

    Save this file as ETStart.bat, remember to change the txt, drop down menu to all files or else the file will be called ETStart.bat.txt, which therefore makes it useless. Save it in your etmain folder: C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain

    Now use this to open your game, and the resolutions will always work.

    * Valid CD Key is not reaching GUIDAUTH Server.
    An annoying, but simple problem to fix. If you get this error, close your game and go into your Enemy Territory directory, and open etmain. This can be found at:

    C:/....<by default Program Files>...../Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain

    Right click on a blank space in the folder, and choose to sort the folder by Name. Then look down for a file called 'etkey', and delete it.

    Restart ET, bring down the console (see console section of the FAQ for helpwith this), and type in:

    /cl_punkbuster 1

    Press enter. This generates a new CD key and will fix your problem.

    * I keep getting an error during installation, or my download stops.
    This can be one of the most annoying errors that is Enemy Territory related.
    The reason for this is not because it is unfixable. In fact it is a very simple error to put straight.

    No, the reason for its frustrating reputation is the fact that it means the file you downloaded somehow became corrupted. The only option you have is to get the game from another source: A different website, from a friend etc.
    Unfortunately the file is 256mb?

    If you try getting it from another website, make sure you turn off any download accelerator programs you may have had installed on your computer. They are a known source of this problem.