How can I join the-=AN=-  Clan?
Here are the rule's you need to follow when you apply to join -=AN=-  Clan if you fail to follow any of the rules set out then your application will be void and closed

1) You must fill your application out in the same way as the clan form which you can find at the link

2) To be able to join
-=AN=-  Clan you must be able to do the following
2a) Be able to log on to both servers
2b) Be able to use vent (this means you need a Mic)
2c) Must sign up on the forums
2d) Must be on the servers or on vent and must use the forums
3) If you have cheated in the past or use a cheat now please do not apply because we will find out and you will be banned from anything and everything to do with
-=AN=- .

Example recruitment form;

Country you live in:
Reason you want to join -=AN=- :
Who do you know in -=AN=- : based questions.

Nick name:
On with server do you play:
When am I online:
What's your GMT:
Favorite class:
Favorite map:
Favorite weapon:

I did read and understand the server rules.
I did read and understand the info about -=AN=- members.