Making a signature.

here are two ways to make a signature. You can use a signature made by Slatterlader or Xfire thatís I think the easy way. Or you can make your own signature.
Here you can find information about making your own signature or how to setup a Splatterladder/Xfire signature.
Or thanks to Papagee learn how to make a signature from scratch.

If you want to know how you can upload a sig to your profile go here:

What should I do to take notice of creation a splatterladder signature?
We use a powerful banner-engine in order that you have barely restrictions for your own creation of a signature.
Splatterladder will give you more options than tinker a text over a graphic.

Just take notice the following helpful suggestions:

Firstly your signature should be relate to Splatterladder, for example by the URL or our "splatman" zwinker2.gif Naturally you can comprise your name/logo/url in the signature. Since the signature is usually shown in forums you should keep the size in mind: most forums limit the size to something like 400x100 pixels (width x height) and 50 or 100 kB.

A backgroundgraphic is the basis in a PNG,JPG,GIF-format.

Over this background you can use separate "special-effects" graphics like a bloodsplash, bullet hole or other gfx in PNG,JPG,GIF-format.
In Addition you can use a special text then we need this TTF-font too. Please attend the font should be freeware!
The most suitable graphics format for this effects is PNG with alpha channel. It shows transparency in the browser. For example you can use a light-effect over the statistic text. Also you can spread the effect-graphics in a static or random position.

The design can be depend from the statistics text. For currently playing user you can make a other background, text and/or effect of this status.


How can I bind the splatterladder signatures with the or another?

The list of Splatterladder signatures:
I give you the complete url respectively. Pay attention to replace the <PLAYER-ID> of your own.

Design: aburn-1
(colorsupport, currently playing Server)<PLAYER-ID>.jpg

Design: permit
(currently playing Server, a random placed stamp)<PLAYER-ID>.jpg

Design: permit-color
(colorsupport, currently playing Server, a random placed stamp)<PLAYER-ID>.jpg

Design: permit-avatar
(forum-avatar, currently playing Server, a random placed stamp)<PLAYER-ID>.jpg

Design: scrap_of_paper_back
(transparent, currently playing Server)<PLAYER-ID>.jpg

Design: sl_userbar

Design: bur7on-1
(forum-avatar, currently playing Server, colorsupport)<PLAYER-ID>.jpg

Design: web
(currently playing Server, colorsupport)<PLAYER-ID>.jpg

Making a signature from scratch.