How do I setup V.E.N.T?

Ventrilo 3.01

Ventrilo is ‘push to talk’ communication software. Ventrilo is free software for Client users (basicly for players who want to connect ventrilo channel that allready exist). 

1. Download Ventrilo.
Go to download add-ons page and scroll down the page until you fine the V.E.N.T file. Download V.E.N.T.

2. Install Ventrilo.
Run the installation file that you just downloaded. Let the wizard do all the work. When it asks for your name and company, just put whatever you want in there, it doesn't matter.
 There is topic Client programs:
  Install ventrilo (if you have older version of ventrilo it copies your settings into your new version).
  Run Ventrilo : opens  userinterface for ventrilo

On top you see user name Finnish Flash to create your own press  arrow one right side -> it opens view:


Press button new and type your, which is seen when you connect on Ventrilo and press ok.

4.Setting up server: On first pic you see server  and on my settings its called -=AN=-, press -> on right side, it opens view:

When creating new server : press New and give server name for example AN (u can create many servers).  

Hostname or Ip (these are vital information it must be typed right):  Type the hostname:
Port number
(also vital, type it right): 4255
:  You’ll get it from ventrilo admin
Default Channel
: Stays empty

Rest info is not so important, but u can tweak them how you feel.
press ok, when you have saved all the info.

 5.Once again we are on first page. Press the setup button. View is open: 

Hotkey: set a key that allows you to speak (mine is set to mouse button 4, but you can set any you like).
Outbound: sets the level how loud others hear you.
Inbound: sets level how loud others hear you.

Press ok.

1.       What makes ventrilo 3.0.1 special

You can integrate ventrilo with several  music programmes -> u can listen music while being communicating with vent and ppl will see what you are listening.
There is also many other things in it, but you’ll get into it when you use it

By Finnish_Flash